One Mom's Personal Journey...Back To Herself!

Exciting News! Round Three with Hubby!
I had an awesome Turkey day and I used it to load for round 3! Hubby decided to do a round with me. I am a couple days ahead of him because I didn't want to load again....after pigging out during our holiday. We were traveling so I ate like crap - but let myself.

I started round 3 VLCD on Monday at 162. This morning I am at 156.4 and I am remembering all of my tricks from before! Don't leave the house without an apple! Drink my lemon vanilla stevia water and green tea.

I am hoping my body will respond well to another round. I was off for 4 months. My last round I was down to just under 150. I had put back on about 8lbs....until load. I seem to stabilize around 158.

Of course I have not been running much since I went back to work. Things were really crazy and Lauren was not taking it well. She is starting to adjust now and not cry every day.

Hopefully I will have an awesome round 3 and get below my BMI overweight goal this time. I knew it would be tough for the holidays but I also knew I would be waayyyyyy up if I didn't start another round now instead of allowing myself to eat all the holiday food. It's almost easier for me to be on a strict diet and just know I can't have it!

I am back on Hucog injections of 250iu. I use mini mixing instructions and only inject 20ml. I'll keep you posted on our progress. Should be fun to watch Hubby - he started around 226.

Hope you are all doing well!
11 Responses
  1. helderheid Says:

    WOOT! That is great news about your hubby! I know this will be a true bonding experience and he'll appreciate even more what you've accomplished!

  2. Good luck! Nice hearing from you and keep us updated!

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  5. Sounds like you were doing great. How's it going now?

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